Dont Go Upstairs (Cases Cases, #2) Michael Atkins



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378 pages


Dont Go Upstairs (Cases Cases, #2)  by  Michael Atkins

Dont Go Upstairs (Cases Cases, #2) by Michael Atkins
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Dear reader,You think you know me? Fool - you dont know shit! Sitting back, on your comfy leather sofa, reading this. READING it! I lived it! What have YOU lived through - huh? You havent been through nothing! What - did you have a pimple on prom night 1 time? Ha! I spent prom night in the emergency room.Um...

sorry. I guess I got a little off track. Anyway, just read the story. And dont start asking a bunch of questions. The more questions you ask, the more youll have. Like Where can I find Detective Case? I really need to talk to him. See - just like that! Bitch - stay away! Louis Case is MY man-Tiffany HaynesP.S. - the book is about a ghost or something.

I dont know, I havent had a chance to read it, yet.

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